Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow is Back

So here's my list of complaints.  Remarkably, I'm still in a good mood because none of this is actually bad. They all fit under the heading, "Annoyance."

  • It's mud season!  The driveway's so muddy that I haven't been able to put a car on it for the last week.  It rained a lot in the last few days, so the lake has gotten bigger and is now draining over the driveway into the other side of the yard.  The wood that the loggers brought last fall is floating!
  • I've had internet problems for the last month or so.  I'm not sure what part of the system isn't working (antenna, USB modem, router, laptop), but it works intermittently and consumes a bunch of time restarting stuff when it isn't working.  I've upgraded the driver sets and the firmware of the USB modem.  I just reset the router and had to edit the network on both laptops since I changed some small thing from last time.  It's working now, fingers crossed.
  • Yesterday morning after I had just gotten to work and was getting ready to take a shower, the water heater peeps called and said they were on their way to my house.  So, 45 minutes back home I drove.  They replaced the water heater, but almost 24 hours later, I still don't have hot water.  They are coming back out today - so I have to be at home for the third day in a row.
  • I'm down to burning either punky or wet wood in the wood stove.   It's almost a waste of time to burn it at all. It takes forever, and doesn't even heat up the stove to 400 so I can start running it through the catalyst and actually heat up the house.
  • I was not able to interest anyone in going with me to the local farmers' dinner at the brewpub, so I'll have to go by myself.  I've eaten alone at restaurants all over the world, so I know that one doesn't actually die from eating alone at a restaurant. It's just not my favorite thing to do.
On the flip side -  I love that my job allows me to work from home in these instances.  I save 1-1/2 hours of commute time, which is big, and I can work in my grungies.  And there are worse things than being able to stay at home and work! I can get lots of small tasks done, including laundry - when I have hot water, that is.

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  1. 1) warming up is nice- mud isn't so much, especially with dogs and kids..and getting stuck...
    2) I also have issues with my computer and the internet. I really need to 'house clean' my photos and then perhaps replace this machine that has never really made me happy.
    3) I have a bathroom light/fan on my table in the hallway which was attempted at installation once or twice many weeks ago. there is sits..and as the last showerer, I know that hot water is VERY important to a good day and for getting things done..soon, very soon!!
    4) my wood burns in a fireplace built more for looks than heat. Sometimes it just seems a waste. I should be really warm when I'm only sort of...
    5) never been a good one to eat alone. Yesterday I was feeling blue, so my 3 girlfriends decided a Blizzard was in order...we met and drove to the nearby DQ, had blizzards or Lattes and chatted for a bit..less than 2 hours from home to back home, but just what we needed...just some talking..Eating alone leaves that part out.

    Somedays I work from home and just to have a handle on some extra pick up and laundry time is such a bonus. I can start the copy machine and then go change the clothes around and maybe load or unload the dishwasher or throw something in the crockpot and just feel like I can get a little bit of control in this out-of-control life!!