Friday, March 12, 2010

We're in the Chorus

The chickens hear me coming and begin to squawk for interesting food.  Normal laying mash isn't good enough.  But when I bring them kitchen scraps, they start to make the happy bir-bir-bir noises.  It makes me think of that old Bugs Bunny cartoon with the song:

Oh we're in the chorus,
We hope you like our show.
We know you're rooting for us,
But now it's time to go!

I take care of the chickies and then hum the tune all the way to work.  Oh, OK - I hum the tune throughout the entire day.


  1. So, 5 years ago, would you have predicted you'd use the words "normal laying mash" as though you'd done it all along?

  2. I was telling someone the other day how I walked into Agway and when they asked what I wanted, I said, "layer mash" sounding like I'd been doing it all my life, and not for only a month! Wow! - 5 years ago I was living in downtown Washington DC. This baby wasn't even a glimmer in my mind!

  3. is there 'abnormal laying mash'?? just thinking of the old Mel Brookes movie with the brain in the jar labeled AB NORMAL.. I think it was Mel Brooks.??! And did you ever think that being in the sticks would be so good!!