Thursday, March 4, 2010

Soon There Will be Butter

Bought on Ebay for 40% of the price for a new one.

I want to make cultured butter, not just plain butter.  Here's the link to where I read about how to make it:

I'm planning on checking out some of the area antique shops this weekend - wanna bet I find at least one of these?


  1. I'll take you on...I've been combing the shops for several years and haven't turned up one yet..

    It's on my list of "wants"...

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  3. I have this same churn! It was my husband's grandmothers. They are really expensive new, but the old ones work wonderfully too! Can't wait to hear how butter-making works for you.

  4. Melanie - I'm glad you said that! I really don't want to find one - or I wouldn't mind finding one, but only if it's more expensive than I paid.

    Erin - Good to know they work well! I sortof wish I would have waited for a smaller one. It will take *forever* to use a gallon's-worth of butter.

  5. I hardly ever use butter -- a pound that I keep in the freezer lasts me more than a year. If I made it, I'd use a lot more!! I guess that's something I can switch to buying from a farm, since it lasts me so long.

  6. It doesn't make a gallon of butter though, so you could freeze the extra or share it with neighbors :) Fresh anything usually isn't hard to get rid of or consume (not that you'd want to eat that much butter quickly - maybe make croissants, that'd take plenty of it!).