Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs of Spring

No denying that spring is springing!

I took this same picture of the snowdrops next week last year, on March 28.  Last year I didn't know what they were when I took the picture.  I spent so much of last year trying to identify plants - and asking for help from blog readers for ones I just couldn't get!

Daffodils! (That one is easy. I remember them from last year.)

Rhubarb. Me and mom planted this last June. (At least I think it's the rhubarb.  That's where we put it.)


It "only" got to 60 degrees on the mountain, about 20 degrees above normal.  It will go back to normal temperatures later this week with rain and possibly snow.

It was such a welcome break from the unrelenting cold and clouds, I just can't express.  I got a sunburn from being outside (duh, like they happen any other way) moving dirt, moving rocks, pruning the golden delicious apple tree.  I did real work this weekend!  It feels good to be sore today!


  1. Jordan.
    Any chance that there is a sports page floating around your workplace today?? My daughter's team won STATES for basketball yesterday and she was named the MVP for Division D.. We are still FLYING HIGH !! I'd pay the postage for a copy CLYMER LADY PIRATES and ANDREA LICTUS..
    And thanks for the tip on the yarn shop..we stopped in with many more kids than I would have taken on my own, but they sat down on the couch and chairs and helped pick colors and watched a very nice lady wind the yarn into cakes, while Jean rang us up. I'm ready for slipper knitting this weekend at our girls getaway..

  2. Karen Sue - I stopped on the way home and bought a paper for you. I'll be happy to send you the sports section if you give me your address. If you don't want to post it in the comments, you can send me an email.