Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Blinked

This 10x12 shed was offered on craigslist on Sunday for $75.  I was the first person to contact the owner and make an appointment to see it.  I lined up my peeps who can move a shed for me (the logger dudes).  By now, every Tom, Dick and Harry in the area was sniffing around.  Cheap sheds are very much in demand around here.  But then ... ... I got cold feet about the thing, and let it go.  The excuse is that it's a little too big for the dudes to get on their flatbed.  I'll go with that one.

Logger dude has a 4 x 8 one that he'll give me for free, so I may turn out OK yet.  It's the shed he used when he got his first sheep.  Good omen - huh.  He told me about a livestock meet at a local fairgrounds in April, the idea being that I'll get my first goats there.  I'm eager, but nervous.  I have plans to go away for two weekends in May, and I don't have any animal care backups in place.  I know.  It's a weak excuse.

1 comment:

  1. Free trumps $75 everytime, if the size is good. If it's a good start, you can always add another later and use the free one for other things... Hang onto those logger guys...