Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Myriad of Pageloads

Sometime in the last day, this blog passed 10,000 pageloads.  In olden days the word "myriad" referred to 10,000, so now there have been a myriad of pageloads! 

I remember when, in mid-2008 my friend Linda suggested I start a blog, I pooh-poohed the idea thinking I didn't have anything to say.  Then Mama Pea suggested it last spring and off I went.  Now I can't shut up.  I have so many things to say that sometimes two posts a day can't contain it all.  I really enjoy writing it - thanks for reading!


  1. I check your blog often, because among all the blogs I read, you update yours the most, so there is frequently something new to read, and it's interesting.

    Also, you have a great blog list, and now instead of checking all of those daily, I simply check your list to see if there are updates. It helped me cut down on the number of pages that have to load when I open all the bookmarked blogs. I took out the bookmarks for blogs on your list, and check them from here when your list shows an update!!

    So, my traffic here is because you are active and interesting, and I like your blog list!

    P.S. And every time I try to post a comment, I have to do it twice, after getting a message that my request could not be processed! There's another page load! (I keep forgetting to allow third party cookies, which comments require.)

  2. Thanks for all your work on the blog. :>) It's nice that you post frequently (unlike me, grrr) because it keeps things interesting. If not for you, I wouldn't have contemplated turning a playhouse into a chicken house. Now that's becoming a reality. I know you've decided to ditch the playhouse, but I think it'll work for us because we have mild winters here in Calif.

    Thanks again for the daily inspiration!

  3. Hey Conny - that's really cool! Post some pictures of your progress!

    Kate - what blogreader do you use? Just curious because even your comments don't show up as page hits. I use bloglines, and they don't show up as hits, but if I comment they do.

  4. Firefox allows me to open all the bookmarked pages at once, whatever is in a folder I open. I have one called blogs, and another "occ. blogs" for ones that update about once a week.

    But Firefox doesn't like more than 15 tabs opening, and it really works best with about 10, so I took out all the blogs I could click on here, which is about five.

    As for a stat counter, I don't use one much, since I slowed down on blogs I started years ago.

    I don't know what explains it, but whenever I try to post a comment on any blogger site, I have to allow third party cookies, and it always takes two tries.

    P.S. It just did that again this time.