Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cats Don't Respect Boundaries

No wonder Desmond doesn't think much of Pancho.

It's been so long since I've had young cats that I had forgotten how destructive they are.  Just being cats.  They like knocking things off surfaces, so nothing on a table here is safe.  They don't have much work to do now that they've gotten all the mice, so they play with Maggie a bunch.  It's sweet to see how well they all get along. Pancho follows Maggie everywhere and Maggie will lick and nibble on Pancho.  Sparky is still very kitten-ish while Desmond is just ... old.

The spring and summer are beginning to fill up.  Two weeks from now is a pruning workshop in New Paltz with this fellow: Lee Reich.  He's written a few books, including one on pruning.  May has two weekends away, one for a camping trip and one for goat school in Maine (I think I may postpone going to goat school until fall). Then June sees the visit of a good friend from Colorado and a longer visit by my mother, who will come in the 2nd week of June and stay for a month. 

Last year's long visit by my mother was very nice.  I enjoyed having company, and having two people around made everything easier.  Things were cleaner, I didn't have to cook every. single. meal. and it was nice to come home from work to someone to talk to.  Plus, mom gave me a valuable second set of eyes (and opinion) on several decisions I was making, and she took charge on a few things that hadn't reached my radar.  AND, she plants things!  She's got loads more experience than I in the plant-y world and will be able to show me what to do when putting these babies in the ground.  The 'stead feels much more civilized than last year and I'm looking forward to showing it off!

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