Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicken Coop is Progressing

Even though it was COLD (brief high of 42) and tremendously windy, blogreader Kate stopped over and helped me start to put together the new coop.  Thanks Kate!  She observantly noticed that the instructions say it should take 30-40 hours to put together the coop, something I didn't notice because I was skimming the instructions to get to the parts about what to do.

The goats are beginning to settle down a bit. I'm hesitant to let them out into their corral because there's not much greenery in it.  Ie, they'll run out of food quickly and start thinking about how to get out.  My whole plan is predicated on them respecting the electric fence, so I want to carefully control how they "meet" the fence.  I'm thinking about putting another section of fence up in an area I want them to eat down, and moving the battery/energizer over there as well as the dog crate.  They're smaller than I expected.  They can both stand up in the dog crate, so maybe I can use that as a rain shelter.  It'd be good for moving.

I also want to get them more used to being led.  With them in the shed, it's sortof easy for me to catch them to put on the leash.  We've been having short practice sessions of leash work where I dangle brambly treats, and they follow.  I don't have a consistent thing that I know they'll come for yet, like grain or cookies, so if I let them out loose, I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to get them back in.  Another reason for me not to be in a hurry to get them out of the shed, full-time.

I used a bungee cord to hang a bunch of blackberry cane cuttings on the wall.  They love it!


  1. Goats will respect an electric fence (usually) and know immediately when it goes off. A fence that is 3D actually is the best goat fence (if there is such a thing :) We have meat and milk goats and have had as many as 400 does around at one time. Make sure you keep them away from any tree you value. Trees are a gourmet buffet to a goat. But, be prepared because they will get out -- I once had an older gentleman tell me to build the best fence I could, then throw a bucket of water through it -- if the water went through so was the potential for the goat to get through.

    By the way, I really do love our goats (especially the milk ones).

    Hope you have a great day! God Bless and good luck

  2. Trying to remember who gives their critter carrot coins (slices) as treats and the routine has been set that they come running when they see them.

  3. Jordan, the ass*ole who put together this "kit" is talking crap when he says it takes 30 to 40 hours to put together -- easily double -- I know, I saw it!

    But 30 to 40 hours isn't nothing. With working a full time job, and all the other commitments you have, that is going to take some time!!

    If you want some help next Sunday (16th), I can head back to NY via your place, with my dog, and help out (if the dogs cooperate, or he can sit in my car).

    Just let me know. Otherwise, I will head back Monday (city trash night), but I am flexible.

  4. Rebecka, I've read that evergreens are bad for goats, and elderberry. Do you know if that's true?

    Kate - I hope to be done with the thing by the weekend, and I've got some other peeps coming over Sunday, but thanks anyway!