Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

The goats sticking their nose up at yummy apple slices. Maybe it'll take them a while.  They just realized that they like hay after giving it a pass for several days.  Now, if I painted the apple slices green and cut them in the shape of a leaf ... yum.

More practice with the leashes.  It's getting a little easier.

These goats have the option of wood chip bedding or hay.  Looks like they chose hay for last night's bed.

Another blogger wrote about how little time it takes to own animals.  I'm not finding that true at all, but since I'm relatively new at this, I'm investing more time with each group.  Last night I got home from work an hour late, spent an hour taking care of dogs, chickens, cats and goats, so only had an hour left before dark to work on the coop.  Spent most of that hour figuring out how to make something fit, and poof, that time was gone.  Then inside for a little din and done for the day. Zzzz in the cold, cold house and woke to snow.  It's time for it to get warm now!!


  1. I'm at my 'tax job' place today and running that dang heater 'cuz I'm cold...remembering the day I had the window open, although that memory is sort of 'frosted over' today!!
    Keep warm and keep positive. Most new moms don't have babies 9 months apart because babies act like your goats for awhile. Before long, you're all settled in and thinking of adding to the family again!!
    One problem with the chicken coop thing is like any project you have to keep leaving and coming back to. It may take 30 hours in a row, or 30 hours + all the time to get out and put back stuff + the time to figure out where you are and what you're doing everytime.

  2. I didn't complain when it was 30 degrees above average, so I guess I really can't complain when it's 30 degrees below average! Two months from now we'll remember days like this fondly.

    I'm a freakin' mess about this coop! In trying to make it go faster, I'm not putting stuff away (just out of the rain), and I keep looking at the pictures, visualizing what I'll do next.

  3. Hi Jordan.. Hey- those are Toggenbergs, which have to be my favorite goat.

  4. Oh wow - that's what I get for listening uncritically to the seller. She said they were alpine/nubian mix. I do think they have a Nubian daddy, but you're right, they totally look like Toggenburgs!