Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wall Street Journal Person Curious About Goat Rental

A writer who is renovating a brownstone in Harlem and writing about it for the Wall Street Journal is looking for a local goat owner willing to rent her some goats for her backyard.

I didn't see this article in the WSJ (I get behind during the week and catch up over the weekends).  I saw this article because I have a google alert on the word "goat."  Usually the links provided by google are about goat cheese or movies, but once a week or so, there's a piece about using goats to eat weeds, somewhere in the country.

Should I tell her that I've got two young-uns in training for exactly that job?  Maybe in a year I can put Penny and Coco in the back of the car and drive them down to New York City for a gig eating Japanese Knotweed in a Harlem backyard.  If only the weeds would wait for us to be ready!  Maybe there'll be another writer or newsperson looking for goats to rent, later, when me and the goats are ready for prime-time.

Call in the Goats: As Renovation Progresses, Weeds Crop Up

I knew that renovating a Harlem brownstone would be difficult, but I can't believe that it has come to this: I am seriously considering renting a goat.

Here's the link.


  1. It's funny how her saying, "I'm seriously considering renting a goat" is supposed to sound outrageous, but to those of us that read your blog, we think "yeah, you probably do".

  2. so how long would you and your goat babies take to clean up something like this?? I know what your plan is, but I guess I'm not putting in terms of how long to eat how much...