Saturday, May 15, 2010

Morning Firsts

We had a bunch of "firsts" today, all before 9 in the morning!

I set up a piece of fencing across the street around the old overgrown barn foundation.

I led the goats over and put them in.

I walked away from the goats, into the house, and let the dogs out.

Walked back over to the goats, Maggie barked and whined and scared the goats (this area is outside the dog fence).

Both goats ran through the fence.  I caught them, leashed them and put them back in.

Now I'm in the house blogging, Maggie is acting like she's scared I don't love her any more and attaching herself to me, and the goats are outside, their first time outside on the job, alone, without me.  I'm verklempt.

I have this idea that it'll be an utter catastrophe if the goats get out, or a dog chases a goat, or who knows what I haven't even imagined yet.  I have a feeling that once those things actually happen once or twice, I'll get over the whole "catastrophe" thing.  So we're all learning.  Me, the goats, and the dogs.  The cats and the chickens are lesson-free so far today.

But the day is still very young!  If all goes well, the chickens will have a new house today.  Fingers crossed, and time to get cracking!  (Yes, the stove is still here.  I've forgotten oh, about 8 times to call Sears and have them come get it.  And yes, the dirt is still there, too.  Don't judge.)


  1. Hey, nobody's judging. (And if they are, they better be perfect 'cause then that gives everyone else the right to judge them back!) I still think you're getting a lot done. No fun if you kill yourself and make everything an awful, bad, no-fun, no time to smell the roses chore.

    Having a sense of responsibility, trying to do things right and be prepared for the worse (but not expecting it) I think is a wise way to go. But you're right . . . after a few of the scary things happen (like the goats going through the fence), you begin to realize it's not the end of the world.

    Because Maggie isn't a vicious dog, I don't think she'd ever hurt the goats. When we had our goats, our dog was a 90-pound Bouvier des Flandres (bred for herding cattle) and the once or twice he encountered a renegade goat out of the fencing and started to chase her, she immediately dropped to the ground (not heart attack, just instinct), he sniffed her and gave her a look that said, "Put you in your place, didn't I?" Bottom line being, I don't think either of your dogs would do harm to the goats.

    Sending wishes for a profitable, good-feeling day for you and all your "kids."

  2. Yay, I'm very pro not judging! I've realized that the dirt can be moved all the way up until 2 seconds before I want to use it. So dirt moving has slowed waaaay down in favor of other activities.

  3. Anyone judging those jobs at my house is welcome to do them themselves...dirt a problem? go get your shovel and do something about it! Something sitting? Feel free to move it...Dirty dishes or laundry? I'm doing what I can and if it's not enough, jump in anytime!!