Thursday, May 27, 2010

One More Post that's Not About Homesteading

One more post where I wonder in amazement at how much my worldview is different from other folks.  Except this time I'm not wondering about men so much as wondering about home decor.  Another weighty topic!  I want to get rid of my sofa.

I got it for $75 from craigslist shortly after I moved in.  Its qualifications were that it's a sleeper sofa, and it's short - only 75 inches long.  It's been a wonderful sofa.  I slept on it as a bed for 3 months that first winter.  Pretty uncomfortable, but when you don't have options, you use what you got.  Now I have sleeping capacity for 11 in the house (10 more than I need, ha ha), and I find this sofa extremely uncomfortable to sit on or lie on.

What I'm looking for, on craigslist, is a dark brown naugahyde sofa.  I'm not going to pay new sofa prices because this is a want, not a need.  My current sofa may be uncomfortable but it's perfectly usable.  I'd like to get something that a dog (ahem) won't want to lie on.  Or if she does, can be cleaned by wiping it off.  Dark brown is a good farmhouse color because it doesn't show dirt quickly.  Dark brown also fits the decor of my house better.  Nobody really sells naugahyde any more, so I've been looking at leather, even though I'd prefer fake leather.

Here's what people are selling:

Or this

or this

These people must not ever be around dirt!  A sofa like this would look OK in my house for about 10 minutes!  A majority of the sofas for sale look like this - light colored.

There are some nice darker fabric ones, but muddy paws would make short work of those as well.  Then there's some that are leather, but not-so-nice in color.  Apologies if anyone has this color sofa in their house, but it's too bright for me.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm far from the pack in my sofa taste.  I've been looking at craigslist several times a day to make sure that I don't miss the perfect sofa if it comes along.  I missed one a few weeks ago by 10 minutes.  Ten minutes!  I still have faith that the perfect one will come along if I keep my eyes and heart open, and don't give up.  (Oh yeah - I'm talking about sofas here, not guys!)


  1. Maybe that's why the sofas are ON Craigslist? People got them home and said "what the heck was I thinking???"

  2. I got an 'odd' colored leather sofa on freecycle - it's frighteningly like the last one you put up there. I covered it with a big throw and try to ignore it. Figured a) it was free; b) the dogs refuse to sleep on their beds, so why spend the money? But I'm all for the dark brown look. Try listing it as a "Wanted" on freecycle. You never know...

  3. So true, Linda! Maybe that's it! I tried to give my sofa away on freecycle and nobody wants it.

    I get RensCo freecycle emails once a day - I should go back to getting the emails. maybe someone will give away a brown sofa!

  4. Ha! I think a lot of people go for style over functionality. Or maybe it's just because people don't have kids and big dogs anymore. (We have five of the former and three of the latter!)

  5. People like your 'wanted' sofa so much, they are keeping them! I have a chair and a half with a rip that I was going to slip cover and now I'm noticing more in the 'structure' that is wrong and thinking it just might be time to say 'so long chair'...
    Can't wait to see what you get!!