Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning Chores

The sun rising through the lilacs.

I expected my morning routine to change completely with the arrival of the goats.  No more leisurely meandering through the morning starting at 5:30 and eventually tooling off to work about 7:15-7:30.  I expected to have problems figuring out how to fit a shower, breakfast, and minor housecleaning in with the goats and chickens, but it turns out that it hasn't been that hard at all.

What I've done is stop turning on the computer in the morning.

I don't go out to see the animals first thing after I get up.  I'd forget something for sure, and one trip would turn into two or three.  Nope, I'll do everything to get ready except get dressed for work.  Then do the animal chores, come in, get dressed for work and then go.

It turns out that no computer in the morning is not much of a loss.  I can concentrate on fewer things and the morning is more peaceful (exactly the way mornings should be).

I'm just curious how other people do it.  For those of you that have animals, do you do your morning animal chores first thing, or wait until later?


  1. Let's see - up at 4:30, coffee, pack lunch, knit. Feed dogs, cats, walk dogs. Breakfast. Sheep, llama, barn cat. Chickens, ducks. Anything else I can squeeze in. Shower, dress, work. I would love to knock off the last part....I used to turn on the computer first-thing, but now I don't and it's much nicer.

  2. Up at 4:30, feed cats, dogs and rabbits, take 15 minutes to drink coffee and read the news on the computer (in case the world blew up while I was asleep), shower, dress except for pants and shoes (sweatpants and barn shoes are put on), make lunch, feed parrots, and the chicks living in the shower. Out to the barn and feed hay to the hay eaters, chicken feed to the chickens and pig pellets to the pot bellies. Oh, cat food to Sully the barn cat. Bring the Pyrenees out to the barnyard. Put on pants, shoes, grab all my work stuff, and off I go by 6:45. It looks like a lot, but I have it down to such a routine, I don't even notice how much I do.

  3. Thanks ladies! Linda, I copied you a bit this morning by showering and putting on work top, sweats bottom for a while. Works well!

  4. Might I add the back-up outfit. You know, the one that is not wonderful, but you can throw on in a hurry when something didn't go right, perhaps always ready in the wings, pressed and ready to go.

  5. Yup. I'm up at 5:30 (it's almost light by then. I love summer!), walk dog, feed dog, drink coffee, prepare and pack kid's (people) lunches, prepare kid's (people) breakfast, out to feed animals, in to grab shower and get out the door for school and then work. Sometimes it works without a hitch. Sometimes not....