Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happier Hens

Destroying an over-ripe mango.

They're beginning to lay eggs again.  I got 3 eggs yesterday from these 5 hens.  For the last month in the playhouse, only one hen was still laying, every other day.  I actually had to buy store-boughten eggs.  Horrors!  But I deserved it for treating them so badly.

The goats have been eating, resting, eating, and whining for me to come keep them company.  It's cute. Coco likes raisins - thanks for the suggestion Melanie!  Penny has no use for stinkin' raisins.  Still don't have anything to tempt Penny, except that she likes having her face scratched like a cat.  They both love the minerals I bring for them in the evening, which is how I get the leashes on to take them back to shelter for the night.  Since I put the dogs away in the house in the morning and evening to move the goats, I suspect that the goats will eventually follow me unleashed.  But I'm not ready to take that chance, it's only been 2 weeks of this and practice with the leash is not a bad thing.  They're getting to be pretty good leash goats.

Still no Pancho.  He's been gone 6 nights, so far.


  1. I'm curious how heavy the chicken coop is to move?

  2. We're doing the urban chicken thing. Have 4 hens who should start laying any day, and 8 baby chicks. Of course, I got chicks without considering the consequences - need a bigger backyard coop!

    Love the blog. I can't wait to read more.

  3. With all you know about coops now, you could go into the mail-order coop business yourself. ;-) Geez, well maybe you could!

    It looks fabulous and those hens looks busy and happy - nice work!

  4. The seller says this is 275 pounds. The coop is supposed to be balanced when the wheels are down so you can pull it, but I put it together backwards (accidentally), so I can't move it without mechanical assistance. I think it could be moved with 2 people.

    Hi My Edible Yard - welcome! Now that I see how easy the hens are, I want more! Next year I think I want to try turkeys...

  5. Beware turkeys! Actually, they are very cute and will follow you like dogs. But they are NOISY. Your coop looks wonderful, Jordan. I bet those are some very happy chickens.

  6. I have total coop envy - that is the fanciest thing I have ever seen!! Moveable coops are just the greatest invention.

    Just found your blog, interested in this goat venture of yours. It's nice to read about what other people are doing. And why does it always seem so much more interesting and well thought-out than your own patched together farmyard?!?

  7. So true, Jennifer! I look at my mess and think, "how dull and messy," but find others' blogs/lives infinitely more interesting. I spent some time on your blog today fascinating!

    Sue - I never would have even considered turkeys except for your adventure! Now that someone I know has done it, I know it's possible.

  8. I too have to move my goats from pasture to barn every morning and evening. I've tried leash and no leash. Leash definitely wins out since they're more like cats in personality and will not come when called if a tasty bit of grass catches their eye on the trip to or fro and chasing goats isn't in my morning routine--hard to explain that to your boss when you've come in late!

  9. Um Boss, (said while shaking poop and dew off feet), sorry I was late. I was chasing goats!

    I like the image of goats as having cat-like personalities. The other day when I wrote that they're good on the leash - well that was just an excuse for them to start being BAD on the leash!