Friday, May 21, 2010

Scope Creep

My sister sent me an email a week or so ago saying that they had bought a new radio for their car that had a USB and a AUX input in front for playing portable music.  That got me to thinking, as my car radio is 8 years old and is not working very well any more (partly because I dropped the face in DC in 2004 and knocked something off).  So I did a bit of research and bought a cheap car radio online.  Reviews for this radio spoke about how easy it was to install.  Just pull the old radio out with some nifty tool, and plug in wire harnesses.  Good thing, because I wasn't planning on spending any money to get this thing installed.

Well, as this picture shows, the install was a bit harder than I anticipated.  The nifty tool didn't work because my radio was tightly attached with lots of screws buried far beneath the dashboard.  Of course I didn't know that when I tried the nifty little tool and failed. As each little step failed, I found myself going farther and farther into the depths of my car.  In the project management world, this is called "scope creep."  Wednesday night found me cutting and splicing individual wires from one wire harness into another one.  Thursday morning saw me driving to work with parts of my dashboard hanging loose and free, commando-style.  After a lunchtime surgery session in the car, a quick internet search and an emergency re-opening of the dashboard wound, the whole thing is back together and working nicely.

I didn't expect this radio install to be the project that it was, but as the scope of the project creeped bigger and bigger, I was determined to get it done before the weekend.  I'm not going to do any projects this weekend.  This weekend, I'm going do little things.  Transplant tomatoes, finish cleaning up from the chicken coop project, move the goats to a new area, etc, etc.  Nothing special.  This weekend, I'm going to putter

If Pancho isn't back later today, I'm going to make a few flyers to give to the peeps on my street to see if anyone has seen him.  It's doubtful, since people are about 5% of the options, while wild is about 95%, but I've got to try. It takes some getting used to, this idea that there's nothing I can do to bring him back. As well as the idea that he may not come back.  It's my first loss like this.  Ever.


  1. I swear you take on the most complicated projects! When cats are outside in this wild area, it's always risky. That was why I was so hesitant about taking on 'barn' cats. I'm hoping to be able to lure them into the barn every evening so I can make sure they're secure, but there's only so much one can do. I do hope that Pancho is home soon. He's a sweetie.

  2. I hate it when animals disappear, though I have to admit I worry about my chipmunks just as much when Rumplestiltskin gets out. We have a chipmunk with half a tail who has been here since we arrived in 2006. I would hate to find him as a cat kill. Have to get up to see your goats.

  3. Hope you get some answers on Pancho. We had our own cat emergency here, and it is never fun.

    If your radio was that old, did it have a cassette deck in it for tapes? Mine does (my car is 10 yrs old), and we just bought one of those tape adapters, then we can hook up our mp3 players to it, and play them through the radio.

    Hope you get some great music on the new radio after all that work! :)

  4. One of my coworkers assures me that the cat will come back. I'm hanging on that one!

    Stephanie, this radio was only 80 bucks. I've used a FM radio thingy to play my mp3 player through the car for years. This direct connection is oodles better. (I know how consumerist this sounds!)