Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I didn't get the chicken coop finished yesterday because I was surprised by something.  I was merrily working my way through pages 6 and 7 (of 10) on the instructions and I pulled out a piece off threaded rod, 5/8" thick with some tape on it.

Whaa???  Holy crap!  How am I going to cut 5/8-inch rod in half?  So I tried the jigsaw.  Dulled and broke a jigsaw blade, tried the hacksaw for waay too long, and then finally remembered my trusty sawzall.  Thankfully, I happen to have a metal-cutting blade (for all the nails I cut through with this thing years ago).  The sawzall made short work of it, but something I did screwed up the first thread, making the whole piece unusable until I spent another hour on it figuring out how to fix my mistake.  I finally just cut the offending thread off.  Thanks again sawzall!  I luurve you, sawzall! 

I'm past the point of being mad about this coop "kit."  To be constructive, I've started a very long list of carefully worded suggestions that I'll send to the company owner/seller after I finish.  I'm hoping to finish today.  There's only one thing left to do - of course I may be surprised again...

Someone came over for dinner yesterday and we broke into the cheese I've had aging.  The muenster cheese has been aging since February 22 and two rounds of gouda have been aging since mid-March.  The muenster was yummy and the gouda was ... interesting.  One of the gouda rounds has started to get liquid-y around the edges and was more flavorful than the other.  Unfortunately I didn't keep track of which round came from which process (one of them had it's cream skimmed off and I tried and failed to make butter with it.  So I put the cream back and made gouda.  The other one went through the normal gouda-making process.)  Which is which, I have no idea.


  1. Congrats on your cheese! I'm incredibly impressed. I currently have a dairy goat in milk and will be making my first attempt at cheese making very soon . . . you're giving me inspiration.

  2. I wanted to learn how to make cheese for *years* before I finally tried it in January of this year. Good luck with yours! Breeding and milking are things that I'll get to this fall and next spring for the first time. I've heard milking can be difficult if the goat doesn't want to be milked!

  3. I was cutting a chunk of Muenster at my mom's today thinking I "know" people who make their own.