Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Year I Was an Idiot

Last year was my first summer at this house.  As March and April turned into May, this area was completely overgrown with thorny brambly stuff and I spent hours and hours hacking it down.  Then as this weird grass began to grow I mowed it all down.  One lone iris survived next to a rock and I got wise about what the weird grass was, real quick.  In addition to the iris, it turns out I'd hacked down some peonies as well.  I put the cutter down and vowed to let more things grow this year.  Except not the brambles.  They're going to try and take over again, if I let them.


  1. Check out my blog. I have a picture of some iris that are blooming my yard right now.

  2. Oh well, we live and learn. At least you get to enjoy them this year!

  3. In my old house the peonies got mowed 'accidently' every year and they kept coming..good luck!