Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Not Dramatic

My two goats-in-training have been working on this overgrown area for exactly a week now, and here are the pictures to show how much they've accomplished.  It's not very dramatic.

They've eaten the southeast corner completely down (they don't get the tops because they're short, and haven't yet figured out how to push the bramble down to get the youngest leaves at the top)
 They haven't moved north of the blueberry bush yet (to the right of the bush in the center of the shot).
What happens when they eat all the leaves is that the wounded plant sends energy up from it's roots to make more leaves, weakening the roots.  After goats eat the leaves a few more times, the plants will die.  No human work or herbicide required.

Here's a picture to try and make the progress look more dramatic.  Left and right of the fence looked about the same this time last week...

A San Francisco blogger writes that the Oakland City Council approved $250,000 and an additional $1.5 million in Wildfire Prevention Assessment District funds for goat grazing.  Here's the link to his blog entry:

Close to $2 Million for Grazing Goats in Oakland Hill Parks 'Maaa' Be Worth It

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