Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving the Coop

Before I bought this coop kit, I called the guy up to ask him if one person could move the coop.  He said, "yes," and so I bought the thing.

Maybe one person can move it on a flat, paved driveway.  When I finished the coop on Sunday, I tried mightily to move the coop on my bumpy, ungraded 200-year old, (did I say bumpy?) yard, and failed.  So today on the way home from work, I stopped at the hardware, bought two clothesline hooks and a short length of chain, and moved the coop with the lawn tractor.

It worked well!  The chickens LOVE the dirt I've put them on.  The first thing they did was give themselves a nice long dirtbath.

And the dogs LOVED all the chickens**t I left for them to clean up.  I couldn't stop saying the word "chickens**t"  Telling the dogs they're full of it, thanking the chickens for making so much of it, etc, etc.  It got me to wondering why we call people chickens**t or even why we call them chicken sometimes.  I don't see a link.  One of my chickens is actually pretty brave for such a defenseless creature.  Does anybody know where the term comes from?


  1. The first thing my sweet little brand new golden retriever puppy did when I put her outside for the very first time at our farm the chickens**t! I was appalled! My sweet little girl! How could any dog eat that stuff! Not knowing what it could do to her, I called the vet who assured me that dogs all over the world eat chicken....stuff....without ill effect. Well, ok then. Now, 9 months later, she runs to the coop to scavenge any extra tidbits of excrement she can lick up. Bleck. I have to remind the kids not to let her lick them in the face.....bleck, bleck.

  2. That's hilarious!! I sometimes wonder if I could make cat poop and chicken poop part of the great cycle of life - ie, use them as dog food. Doubt it, but it would make things cleaner!