Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Frost

Chives in the heavy morning dew.

The last frost is something that you track in the rear view mirror.  You don't know when it's going to happen until afterwards.  After a warm April and a cold, snowy snap at the beginning and middle of May that had me shivering and the apple blossoms dying, I think the last frost is passed.

I took a chance over the weekend and planted basil and tomatoes in the raised beds, and transplanted more basil into cups. I think next year I won't nurse as many plants from seed.  It makes sense for varieties that I can't buy at the store, or heirlooms.  But I'm a total beginner at this - it will be a few years before I attempt heirloom stuff.  Until then, $3.48 for 3 basil plants is cheaper than the amount of time I've spent on these babies.  Oh, I understand that they will taste out-of-this-world, but still, I have to ration things that suck time, and started plants will likely still taste out-of-this-world!

When I have the goat business running (and who knows how many years away that will be), I won't be home to take care of chickens or needy plants.  I'll be camping with goats in weedy places.  Chickens will be in the freezer and the garden will be a weedy mess.  I drove to work this morning envying (as I always have) the ruddy-faced, healthy-looking construction and landscaping dudes driving big pickup trucks, because they get to work outside.  But this morning, I caught myself mid-envy and thought, "just be patient.  Soon enough you'll be outside, too.  Then, you'll fully appreciate the sacrifice of driving to work in a suit, windows closed, hair perfectly coiffed. Be patient.  You're doing what you can."


  1. I already envy you - making it out the door suited, with your hair perfectly coiffed! I am usually out the door with hair awry and some last minute combination of top and bottom clad. But I agree about being envious of those who can work outside for a living. Mornings like this, I don't want to stop what I'm doing to throw myself into 'work-mode'. But you and I are doing what we can - working toward a goal. Although yours is much better defined than mine!

  2. I had a tougher starting year for my seeds, because they looked really good when I transplanted them to bigger pots and then put them out a bit, and then it got yucky and they didn't get the sun they needed and some got wind whipped and they really look pretty pitiful right now. I need to get a tomatoe of every variety I planted for saving, but I don't think 'crops' is going to be a word to describe what I'll have when I'm done!!