Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Shock of It All

I had to take Desmond to the vet yesterday to get his staples taken out, which gave me a chance to come home mid-day to see how everything was going, and then work from home for the rest of the day (after almost 3 hours of driving in the middle of the day, but that's what happens when you live in the woods).

The neighbor dogs came over and noticed the goats.  Now one of them understands the fence in a whole new way.  Ouch!

I took the goats out for a walk-ish and one of them was "touched" by the fence as well.  The smaller, darker goat is extrmely jumpy and afraid of me.  The larger one is calmer.  One night this week, I'm going to put out another fence section in a greener part of the yard and let them out for a while.  I'm a little terrified of poisoning them. I know about the rhododendrons and pieris japonica being poisonous to goats, but need to bone up on other things.

Thinking about the chicken coop in progress.  There's only one way to get it off my back, and that's to finish it. I may have made the wrong decision in choosing this coop over making one from scratch, but it doesn't change what needs to be done. Finish it.


  1. Congrats on the goats. They are so cute! And good luck with the chicken tractor.

  2. I feel so bad for you in regards to that chicken coop kit. Whadda crock! 30-40 hours to put it together? Gimme a break! The manufacturers should be tarred and feathered with some old, moldy chicken feathers. I wish we were close enough to throw tools into the back of our truck, pack a picnic lunch (and a couple of bottles of wine) and come over to help you get it together and DONE!

    If you can find the time, take a lawn chair out into the goat enclosure along with some yummy treats the goats like (or small amount of grain goodies) and sit a spell. Let the goats get used to you and let them come up to check you out when you're in a low, non-threatening position. I've never met a goat that wasn't curious or didn't like human company.

    Got any stumps around? Goats (especially kids) love to have something to jump up on and jump off again.

    Do you have any straw to make a nice thick layer of bedding on their house floor? These chilly nights I'm sure they'd appreciate having it to snuggle into. Just throw in some fresh every now and then to keep a clean bed for them.

  3. Good suggestion about the stump, Mama Pea. They do love to climb and jump. Thinking about the lawn chair though, the goats may find that a tasty treat - they're that curious. :>)

    With you on the coop construction - if we could all virtually help out, it would be complete in an afternoon - with a lot of giggling along the way.

  4. Hi, Conny - No, I wouldn't recommend LEAVING the lawn chair in the goat yard. That could be dangerous as the kids would try to climb on it and legs or heads or who knows what other parts could get caught or tangled too easily. That would be besides the fact that they would quickly strip it to the bare frame!