Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love This

I love that there's a man I can call first thing Monday morning and say, "Um, I have two stoves sitting in my kitchen, can you make it better?"  And he says, "I'll take care of it."  He asked me when I wanted this done and I said, anytime you can fit it in (it's a bit last-minute, after all), and told him how to get into the house.  I thought it would be a few days.

As I drove up the final piece of the road last night, I saw this (actually the backside of this).

Which made me suspect that I would see this when I got inside.
And so I did.  First thing I did was put the cast iron skillet that I cook everything in on top, and there you see it.  Yes, I have to pay this man, and I'm sure he's not the cheapest guy around.  But boy, is this convenient.  I like knowing men like this (or even women, if there were any women licensed plumber/electricians around).  Ward S Hatch Mechanical in New Lebanon, if anyone local is curious or interested.  Randy Hatch is my guy. He has my undying devotion.

In another note - today is the day I'll pick up the chicken coop and start trying to put it together.  If I'm really lucky and hold my mouth just right, maybe the birds will sleep in their new home tonight.


  1. Sa-weet!!!! Now you can finally (gasp!) USE AN OVEN! What a novel invention! ;)

  2. Aww, the old stove looks so lonely just standing outside. :>) What would you like to bake first?

    Good luck on the coop construction/assembly.

  3. Woohoo, sounds like my kind of man, especially because you only had to ask him once. LOL! Your new stove looks great!

  4. It *does* look kind of lonely there in the yard, all by itself.

    Hee hee Genny! I love a man like that!

  5. perhaps you could use the old stove for a nesting box!! But what animal would willing walk INTO an oven!?!?
    Can't wait to see the goodies!!