Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Picture I Didn't Take

Maggie with her tail between her legs, trying to come back to the house as fast as possible.

One of the things I did yesterday with my afternoon off was put the electric fence up, hook the charger, energizer and fence together and make sure everything was working. Then, since I locked the goats in the shed last night, I figured powering the fence wasn't necessary, and resolved to make sure Maggie and Desmond were on leash until I powered up the fence.

Well, it's a cold and nasty morning, and I was lazy and let the dogs out without leashing them.  I looked out a few minutes later to note that Maggie had run through the non-electrified fence, pushed it over, and was trying to get into the goat shed.

So, out I went with a leash and got Maggie.  Then hooked the fence up.  It's much harder to attach all those alligator clips one-handed in the rain while trying to hold an excited dog with the other hand (leash is partially chewed through).  Once the fence was clicking, I let Maggie touch it with her nose.

And there you see the picture I didn't take.

The dogs, cats and me are in the house now.  It's going to get colder though the day and maybe even snow.  I'm getting ready to start a fire in the wood stove and start today's task, painting the chicken coop, which is inside too, in pieces, mostly primed.  I hope the shock was enough to scare Maggie away from that fence for good.  She can easily jump over it, but I really, really hope she doesn't try.

The goats are OK with hay and water in the shed.  Since it's raining, they'd be in the shed anyway, so I'll leave them there, check on them later and maybe get a photo. Until next time, hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Ouch! I would bet she'll remember that. It IS a miserable day - but now I'm forced to put another coat of paint on my hive woodware. Nice day to bake something, too - have you broken in your new oven? Can't wait to see your goaties!

  2. Definitely a good day to break in a new oven, or maybe paint things inside!