Friday, May 14, 2010

Goats and Kudzu and Practice

Kudzu is the perfect food for goats.  It's high protein and grows fast. 

Here's an article about the city of Knoxville, TN using goats for kudzu control, copying Chattanooga's lead.

I fed my goats some garlic mustard, another invasive yesterday, and they ate it up! Control of invasives is where I want to go with my goats.  Although kudzu is not an invasive up here, there are plenty others.

I worked on more goat-y groundwork yesterday by letting them freely into the fenced area while I sat down on the ground. As Melanie wrote, they were curious about me and came to vist regularly.  Whenever they touched the fence or something disturbed them, they came running (more like bouncing) in my direction, a good sign.  These ladies will be the leaders of my future herd, so if they're fence trained and well-behaved, hopefully they'll teach the future others.

It wasn't difficult to get them back into the shed at all, since I had some brambly treats in reserve.  There's not enough greenery in this area to keep them interested for long, so I'll set up another fence either tonight or tomorrow and move the battery over.  Practice for me in how to manage fences and batteries, one of the goals of getting some goats now.  Practice.

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  1. glad your little buddies are getting settled in. It will all work out!!