Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Hague

The other day the news had a story on the Netherlands' health system and it got me a bit nostalgic. Not because I miss their health system, but because the piece was filmed in The Hague and I lived in The Hague on and off for a year when I worked for a company that manages container terminals. The Hague is a beautiful city, and the Dutch are a wonderful people!

I lived in 3 different places that year. A hotel for a month, then another hotel for a month, and then an apartment in what's called the Centrum, near the Grote Kerk, or big church. (In between those three times, I spent time in other countries.) The above picture shows the Binnenhof (parliament building) and the steeple of the Grote Kerk.

The Centrum is a walking, shopping, eating area. Here, you can see the Grote Kerk from closer than the previous shot. I am standing in front of a movie theater, looking over some restaurants to the square where my apartment was. The below picture shows the entrance to my apartment building at the left. I walked and took the tram to work, when I was in town. The Hague's tram system is world-class.
I look at these pictures I took less than 2 years ago and am just amazed at the life I am leading now in comparison to then. Before I bought this 25 acres of woods and rocks I'm calling the homestead, I was much more a city person than a country person. Before this year, I'd never planted a garden, split wood, used a wood stove or a chainsaw - everything this year has been a first for me.

Last night was incredibly windy and I did some work to seal the loose windows of my old house in preparation for the coming cold. Sometimes I don't know what possessed me to follow my dream to this cold, old house in the north country, and I can't think about where I want to be in 5 years, compared to where I was 2 years ago. It seems too big a task. All I can do now is hold on to the dream, but focus on today. Tomorrow, I'll think about tomorrow.

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  1. It would be really interesting for you to blog sometime about what your thought process was that got you from professional world traveling woman to (still professional!) homesteading woman. The two usually don't go together . . . or maybe I should say it's usually not a natural progression from one to the other! Wanna tell the story?