Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winterizing Equipment

Now I'm going to display how absolutely clueless I am. It occurred to me yesterday that I should probably do something to winterize my motor tools. I vaguely remember it mentioned in conversation, but never paid attention before. I have NO idea what to do. Do I drain the gas? Or leave the gas in, but put in some other stuff to stabilize it? What about the oil? What else should I be doing? I just have the lawn tractor, the ATV, the chainsaws, and some other small motors. What do you folks do to prepare equipment for winter?


  1. I'm sure my husband could weigh in on this one, but, were I in your shoes: I would put the chainsaws inside somewhere where they'll stay reasonably warm (or, at least, away from freezing temps). Maybe your basement? 'Cause, you KNOW you'll need 'em at least once during the winter. And, you'll probably use the ATV for snow plowing & misc. hauling, so that will be started enough times during the cold weather, I would think. For the rest of it, I think the time to "do" stuff is in the springtime - get it all tuned up and ready for the season. BUT, that said, were you to do what I just suggested, you might find that you should have done things much differently! ;)

  2. I'm no expert, but I think the main thing is putting everything away clean and dry, and draining old gas from mechanical things that won't be used over the winter. Old/bad gas is the main cause for small engine trouble.

  3. Thanks folks! It's true - I probably WILL need a chainsaw sometime this winter!