Friday, October 30, 2009

I Have a New Project

I saw this blog post from Knotty Oak Homestead the other day and immediately knew what my next project is going to be - mittens from a sweater! (this picture is from her blog post)

I went to my favorite store (the Salvation Army), and bought a fleece pullover for the lining, and a wool sweater for the mittens. Total cost, $4. I can't wait - I'm itching to start them.

Yes, I AM avoiding other things ... like hanging plastic and the last of the storm windows, and preparing the motors for winter, and cutting the lawn for the last time. I have some days to take off from work, so I'm thinking about taking this afternoon off to do work I should do. Then I can have the evening to do work I want to do. I'll post pictures of the project later.

In other news - I don't think Maggie will be jumping on the car any more. A few days ago she jumped on the car as I drove into the driveway and then managed to slip off as I was opening the door. She got a claw stuck in the crack between the door and the car - I couldn't open or close it without hurting her, and I had to open it so I could get out to pull her claw out. Right now she won't put any weight on it at all and is learning to walk on three legs. I'm going on the assumption that it's like getting a finger caught in the door, and presuming that she'll be fine in a week or so. So ... it's still pouring. This October has been the worst month I've had in almost ten years. I'll be happy when Sunday (and November) comes!


  1. I've knit something specifically to felt and felted slippers and purses, and I bought a sweater and felted it to do something with...still waiting for another thought on that one! But it looks like you are just cutting and sewing! Can't wait to hear how they turned out! I need to get at the flannel again, but I have stuff tonight, tomorrow and then tomorrow night. Then perhaps I can settle in for a little sew time.
    Guess you will have no animals in gymnastics. I suspect that Maggie was jealous of the attention the other animals were getting!! not really.

  2. Hey, yeah that's great! I'm glad you liked the idea. I got it from the farmer's market, and thought good ideas should be passed around! I did have trouble with the fleece lining - it was too big for the outer wool layer and too small for my hand (haha!) so, I just wear the mittens without the lining. I have enough sweater to try again - this time making both layers bigger and I only used a 1/4" seam.

    Also, I thought of another good lining idea: flannel! It's thinner and soft and I keep all my old flannel pajama pants. So you might want to try a pair using that. That's my next project. Have fun!

  3. I got this book out of the library a few months ago and it had some good ideas for bags and stuff. I don't have a sewing machine, but was really close to getting one for one of the shoulder bag projects.

  4. Hey - thanks for the ideas folks! Felting is something I'd like to learn how to do. And knitting.