Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last November, and History

I was rambling through some pictures that I took last year and noticed this one that illustrates how much things have changed in a short year. I took this picture in mid-November, 2008, about 2 weeks after I got the dogs from a rescue organization.

The big change is obvious. Every single evergreen you see in this picture, is gone now. That's 10 big red pines, 6 spruces and 4 smaller christmas trees. The Macintosh apple tree, difficult to see, in front of the red pines - is still there. The big red pines are/were to the south and southwest of the house and blocked the winter sun. It isn't even winter yet, but the house is noticeably warmer now that those trees are gone. With the storm windows in place, the sun hits the western windows now, and the room actually warms up!

I've been speaking to the Town Historian and various other old timers around here. Without exception so far, they all remember this house, AND they've all been in this house, something like 50 years ago. The Town Historian said this morning that it's a great thing I got rid of those trees, that the house used to be damp, and now it should be better. (I was just beginning to realize about the damp.)

I have a meeting with her tomorrow in her office (in the library), and I hope to post pictures of the old roads around this house over the last 200 years. The main road between Boston and Albany, NY went right by here, possibly bordering my property. That should be a fun discussion.

The other town historian stopped by and left a note in my door last week (my house kind of straddles two towns, so I get TWO historians!). Two weeks ago, an old timer who used to make his living making charcoal stopped over (to be fair, I had invited him, in June. He's been in this house 50 years ago too.). I think I really need to start keeping the house cleaner if so many people are going to stop by to talk history. When I lived in South Carolina this sort of thing happened all the time, people stopping by. It was disconcerting to get used to, but it's like riding a bike. You never forget how to host unexpected guests. Keeping the house clean enough for guests is a habit I apparently need to get back into!


  1. Seems like your "neighborhood" people are starting to get friendlier already! Your mandatory year is up and you're being accepted! (Now go sweep up those puffs of animal hair and dust bunnies! I think somebody else is coming up the drive.)

  2. I do think the old-timers are happy someone is interested in the history around here! They're in their 70s and 80s, and it seems there's no younger people taking it up.