Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leaves and Wax

The leaves were so pretty yesterday and I was feeling creative, but the wax paper was weak. I remember buying this wax paper in Cleveland. That was almost 10 years ago, which may be why the wax paper didn't stick very well. I may have to buy more and try again.


  1. Jordan- was also thinking about your bed when I climbed into mine and see, we got a new mattress & springs..and a 'better' supportive frame because our last bed was horrible. Decided it was the springs, but maybe the frame didn't help. Anyway, we put together the frame before the bed was delivered.. and it was several more inches off the ground then the old one...but that was OK. Then I went to work and my hubby called just before I was leaving and said I may want to bring a ladder..I got home and with the new mattress & springs, it is the same height as my kitchen cupboard. You have to laugh when you look at it, because you truly do look like you need a stool to get up. We're both tall, so we can climb up there..but the point is (no I didn't totally forget I had one!) I said we can keep the bedroom cooler now, because we are closer to the heat since hot air rises!! But then I thought about you and wondered if you again had your bed flopped on the floor and how much more drafty it always is down low and how lifting it up a bit might get you out of the draft....just a thought