Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sparky, Sitting in a Tree

Sparky, my orange cat spent the night outside last night. I didn't begin to get worried until there was only one cat waiting for breakfast this morning. I went out to look for him, and found him, waaay up in the top of a tree. You can see him at the very top and center of this picture. He can probably stay up there a long time, but I hope he gets hungry and comes down. I'm certainly not equipped to go up and get him!

P.S. How does one clean windows, if one can't get the windows *open*? Many of my windows and associated outside storm windows are stuck shut. This wasn't much of an issue, since it was a cool, wet summer. But now I'm tired of looking through dirt and facing the prospect of looking through dirt all winter. Watch out - I sense a 'project' coming on!

Afternoon edit: I let the cat percolate for a few more hours, and just as I was going to get the ladder, I saw that he had made his way down to terra firma.

And the windows? Cleaning the inside of the inside and the outside of the outside definitely helped. Half a job is better than none.


  1. We're still hoping to get at our dirty windows (inside and out) yet this fall. (Can I still say "fall" when we had snow cover Friday and they're forecasting 2-3" for tomorrow?) I'd vote that you call it quits for this year on yours.

    Crazy cat. What in the world was he thinking choosing to spend the night out in the cold? Crazy cat.

  2. I'd pick your favorite window or 2 and get them washed as good as you can. My kitchen window is always dirty and speckled just by the way the rain & snow comes in. I couldn't reach the outside easy because of some really large shrubs. They were replaced with new ones this summer and (don't tell my mom) I've only washed them once and they are all speckled right now.
    I was also thinking for you windows.. last year I googled around and found some stuff about window quilts. Probably your biggest drawback is your lack of time, but perhaps you can plan it out and leave it in a room you don't really use much and then slowly work in it. It was measuring the windows like you were making curtains, but not gathered, and then sewing together layers like a quilt that would work like insulation. They also block out the light, so you may not want to use them where you are counting on some rays coming in, but I have a couple of ?trapezoid? shaped windows that are over the double hung and they were more expensive to replace when we did the lowers, so we didn't...but I was researching a way to keep the heat in better in the winter by those windows...of course, I'm still thinking about these, but hey, that's step#1 in my book! And I think they gave you help if you wanted to roll them up to let the sun in during the day, but if you aren't home, keeping the cold out during the day, may be a preference!! Anyway, just a though... my favorite cat was orange and white and it disappeared during corn-chopping season. We got 2 more after that, but they just didn't fit here and moved on...
    And you tell that MamaPea to keep that snow for a couple more weeks. I'm not ready for it! We had over 300 inches last year. I can wait a little longer.

  3. Hey Mama Pea - I love it when you give me an excuse to be lazy! I did end up cleaning all the windows in the 'warm' part of the house, right before I put up the inside storms.

    Karen Sue - I got inside storm windows from because I like the light. I just put them up today and it's 70 degrees inside now, even though it's a very windy 40 outside. Unheard of - last year the wind blew right through the house and I could never get it above 58 inside.