Monday, October 19, 2009

The WSJ Does Canning

These days I straddle two worlds, the city world and the country world.

Years ago, when I lived in downtown Washington DC, rode the Metro to work, and hobnobbed with Feds and other city people, I started reading the Wall Street Journal. I think it's a really good paper, and for the money is the best single paper one can read.

When I settled down last year and started to get caught up in what's called news on TV (yuk), I realized that my life would be a better place if I read a newspaper for news instead of watching TV. Plus, Joan Dye Gussow (who wrote the book This Organic Life) uses newspaper for mulch, and if I can do anything a fraction of how well she does it, I'll be a happy person.

So I re-got a subscription to the WSJ. It's changed since Murdoch bought it. It's more overtly opinionated and more sensationalistic. But it's still a really good paper with very strong international and other coverage compared to other papers.

Yes - I am going to eventually get to the point of this post. I was catching up over the weekend and saw an article on canning. In the Wall Street Journal. Earlier last week was an article on composting and composters. Both were on the front page of the section. Amazing.

So when does this stuff change from being a movement and cool, into being mainstream again? Is this it?? If I use the WSJ for mulch, will I have really smart plants?


  1. Your food crops grown mulched with the WSJ will definitely be of superior quality. I'd NEVER eat anything mulched with The National Enquirer. (Ha-ha-ha-ha! That was really funny!)

  2. I brought all my little green cherry tomatoes in and then discovered that they had gotten too cold and they got gross. I will miss those guys. Thinking I should start some earlier next year and make the joy last longer!!
    Mama pea- perhaps those National Enquirers would be just the ticket with added manure value!!

  3. Think maybe if I use the WSJ for mulch I'll grow money? One can hope!!

  4. Just happened on your blog by way of coldanlerfarm.Enjoy reading of your homesteading advetures and your travels.Wish I could say I'm homesteading,but for now I live it thru people like yourself.

  5. Hi Will - welcome! Stick around, maybe soon enough we'll be reading about your homestead-y adventures!