Monday, October 26, 2009

Three Loggers Logging

(You can sing this one to the tune of A Partridge in a Pear Tree. I'll figure out what the rest of the phrases should be later. Give me a moment - or maybe longer.)

As of a week ago, about two acres was cleared. The open space includes where a spring (or underground creek) comes out. Below is a picture I took in April of the spring. The whole area here is covered with 'wanwood leafmeal,' and the phrase comes up in my mind every time I walk back here. Three points or some authentic wallpaper dust for anyone who knows the poetic reference there, author or poem or both, without looking it up!
You can see my land is rocky, that's for sure!


  1. I was thinking about this just the other day. I like that you changed your profile and took out the "D" word, as though it no longer is a thing that necessarily defines you - Huzzah!

  2. The phrase "wanwood leafmeal" comes from the poem "Stopping by the Compost Bin on a Snowy Evening" by Robert (Jack) Frost.

    (Oh, I'm sorry. That was so lame.)

  3. Linda - I read some other peoples' profiles and many of them are really detailed and poetic! I realized that the D part is not the first impression I want to give. It took long enough! I've been D... for 11 years!

    Mama Pea - hilarious! Read Spring and Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins. I've been in love with that poem for over 25 years.

  4. Jordan-
    I didn't notice it was gone yet! But I am a D and re-married, but identify with that D feeling-sometimes it takes you out at the knees and sometimes it ends up being very empowering - even for a short while. It's the stamp of a survivor that sometimes people forget or don't know about, but in most cases, I believe has made some changes in us. it didn't go as planned, but we go on..

    I look at the woods - trees standing at attention and at various stages of their lives and it is one of the best investments. Hey, my kids college fund really stinks. I won't recover enough before it is used up...but trees in the woods, the interest in pretty steady there. I think of planting trees and then let people discourage me by telling me how long they take and that I'll never get to enjoy their size. I look at all the trees around me- big and strong...and then I look at the pine tree out front, that I got at the end of the season at Kmart.Seventy-five cents! I could be out less than the cost of a soft drink. I'm amazed the mower didn't take it out as a baby, less than a foot tall, spindly, sort of ugly. Now taller than anyone here..Straight and proud. Take the time to invest in the woods of the future. Someone did for me. Lots of trees surround my pine in the middle from me..paying it forward.