Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sheep and Wool this Weekend

Woo Hoo! The Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival is at Rhinebeck, NY (less than 2 hours south of here) this weekend and I'm going! I'm looking forward to bringing home a few fleeces for those dark days of winter when I'm just looking for something crafty to do or spin.

Not sure if it'll be Saturday or Sunday. It would be nice to go to on Saturday when it will be rainy, so I can do outside work painting the door and building the raised beds on Sunday when it will be nice. Buuut - the Fleece to Shawl competition is Sunday morning (where contestant teams have 3 hours to transform fleece in lock form into a shawl - ) and I would really like to see that. The angora goat show is Saturday, but the Cashmere goat show is Sunday. Decisions, decisions!


  1. Oh lucky you! I've always wanted to go to Rhinebeck! I've been to the Maryland S&W festival twice, but unfortunately my days of traveling to events like that are over until my daughter is *much* older. I will have to be satisfied with local day trips. I suppose it's just as well - I still have plenty of unspun fleece, and I should really spin up what I already have before I get any more.

    Have fun!

  2. Take pictures! I've been hearing about this on Ravelry and some of the knitting blogs. Looks like fun!

  3. Oh Alison- such self-control! I hear you though. I've found if I can cut down on the # of trips I make to pick up things at the store, I save LOTS of money by just avoiding seeing anything that I MIGHT want or need or think I should get...Still needing to take a step to find a pattern and get the yarn to make myself a first sweater or vest. I like big and baggie...and it has to be simple and idiot-proof... but something like this would be very fun to attend...if it's inside, I'd pick the yucky day. We had snow and now I'm thinking I need to get my cushions dried back out so I can store them downstairs for the winter...