Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sparky is Hurting

This time yesterday I wasn't sure if he was in a snit (as us cat people know cats can do), or in pain. After his little adventure spending Saturday night in the tree and getting himself down, Sparky disappeared upstairs for close to 2 days. I carried him downstairs for meals, but then he disappeared again.

Then this morning he appeared for breakfast all by himself. But he's walking like he's 100 years old, won't jump up for his food, and protests mightily when I pick him up. He lifted his back leg like he wanted to scratch his ear, then decided against it. Thought about licking his back and decided against that too. He sits down reeeally slowly. He's pretty sore, it seems. I don't think anything is broken or dangerously bad, but this little guy is hurting. I hope he gets better soon. And then I hope he never thinks about going so high in a tree again. I need him at full strength when the mice move inside.


  1. I'd need some recovery time from that, too. Hang in there kitty. If he is eating, that's a good sign. My border collie loves to herd the lawn mower. It always makes him lame for a day or two, but he goes right at it the next time. It has affected him the same for always, even as a puppy. The snowblower doesn't last as long, so that isn't as tiresome, but sometimes it's every day or even more last winter!!

  2. I wonder if Sparky had a close encounter with a predatory animal that either got a hold of him and hurt him before he could escape up the tree or if he strained something scrambling up the tree to get out of harm's way . . . fast! That would maybe account for the fact that he spent so long a time up there and seemed leery of coming down.

  3. It looks like he had a close encounter with something! He's got matted hair in a few places that I think is covering a little blood. Not much, and he's not letting me touch it. So it's wait and see for now.