Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter Comes Early

It's been about 20 degrees below normal this week, and for a few more days. I'd rather have it be 20 degrees below normal now, and not in January when the normal low is 13 degrees F. Here are all four animals last night around the woodstove.

It looks like Pancho and Maggie have become friends. Compare this to some pictures I posted in early August when these animals were just meeting each other! I tried to get a better shot, but it's really hard to take good pictures of a black dog in a dark room.

In other news, Maggie just yesterday discovered that she can jump on the hood of the car. This picture is a bit hazy because it's taken through two layers of plastic storm window, and two layers of glass. But you get the idea.


  1. I love it when animals of different species hang out together! I wish our dogs & cat did. They lay in the same areas (say, the same rug), but not touching (ohhh, no!). :)

  2. Our dog has been here for 8 years, and he still looks for the cat that has been gone more than 7, under our bed, whenever anyone make a MEOW sound! I'm not a catbox lover, and it would be my job again, so I'll wait.. But jumping up on the hood of the car?!?!?perhaps she is part goat!

  3. I've noticed that dogs like to be up high when they can. I suppose it's instinctual (should that be instinctive?). So they can get a better view of what's going on around them?

    How's your little Sparky doing? I noticed in the picture he didn't jump up on the bed with everybody else but rather stayed on the floor.

  4. Sparky is still hurting. He actually thought about jumping up on something though, today, so he must be getting better. I'm still picking him up to get to his food, and I moved the litter to the floor - dangerous thing to do with litter-loving dog Maggie. I'll know she got into it when she comes downstairs and gives me a toothy smile that smells like cat poop.

  5. Jordan- just a thought, but I had an motherly neighbor lady who used to take a paper towel case cardboard box from the local store...or something that big and put the whole litter & pan inside with a circle hole cut up higher on the box for the kitties. It really wasn't handy for the dog to get into that way. Or to cut a hole and then tuck it more in the corner where the cat could get into, but not the Golden Retriever!