Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Maps

Actually, the first one is the same map I posted last night, but with some additional detail. IF (big if here) my house were on the map, the red word "house" is where it would be. You can see that the road actually does go all the way to the place. My mailbox is 3/4 mile from the house, and the beginning of the red word "mailbox" is where my mailbox would be. This map is a copy of a copy of an 1852 map that is located at the state library (per the town historian).The second map is an 1876 map. There are more roads on this map. I have a hard time believing there's only 24 years in between the two maps. That north-south road immediately to the left of the red word "house"? It doesn't exist in the same form any more. It's the western edge of my property. Interestingly, my house is built so that the front of the house faces this different road.
I'm getting a kick out of researching the house's history. I can see that in addition to tracing the deed back, I'll probably want to go to the state library to see some of these original maps. Conveniently, the state library is here, in my city, so that won't be difficult.

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  1. What fun!! I love this stuff! Old maps, old deeds, old stories! It gives life and history to your place.