Monday, October 12, 2009

This Has Promise!

Yesterday I washed windows and installed the inside storms in the warm part of the house. I hung contractor's plastic to close off more than half of the house (the cold part), and moved the bed into the warm part. Actually I moved the bed on Saturday, but who's keeping track.

Today's story is about the storms.

Looking at the picture below (taken from the Windo-Therm website,, these storm windows attach to the inside (mine are resting on the window sills) with twist knobs holding the window and weatherstripping to the window frame.

The initial verdict is good! Immediately after I put them up, the inside temperature went up a few degrees. It was windy last night and the temperature got down to 25 degrees. Inside, it was 70-71 degrees using only the wood stove, which is a BIG difference from last year. And I wasn't pushing the stove in the slightest.

It should only get better as I put in place my other wintery plans, plastic to keep the wind out of the foundation and rugs to cover every square inch of floor. It's not perfect of course. The inside wall was awfully cold. Even though I drilled a hole and have seen the roll insulation in that wall with my own two eyes, it's not making much difference. I think that's why they used to hang tapestries on walls in medieval days. I'll have to figure something out.

One thing I can say for sure is that I am WAAY ahead of last year. This time last year, I didn't even own the house yet. In November and December I was shocked, shocked to see that the windows didn't really close, and scrambling after that just to not freeze, always a little bit behind and trying to catch up. I'll probably be mostly the same this year, but I'll be catching up at a higher level. And each year after that will get better, I hope.


  1. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit for all the knowledge you've gained or things you've done to insure things go better this winter than last.

    And you're right, ALL things relating to homesteading and your life in general will get better each year!

  2. You are doing good, so far!! And there's no snow blowing in yet!! You've had the whole rest of that year to think of things that might change and whether you realize it or not, everything you looked at since last snowy winter, you mentally noted that it would be warm... We wear wool socks and felted slippers or fleece with rubber bottoms all winter around here. I go to bed in socks and then have to kick them off sometimes, but there is always at least one pair beside my bed.
    Have a warm week. I was looking outside thinking it is time to put the tables and chairs into the shed for winter and hang up some bikes. Often not done until late in Oct, but hey, it is flying by already...