Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maggie's Feet

So Maggie has been limping since Saturday. She's licking her feet all the time, and was markedly less exuberant when I came home yesterday than usual. The problem is that she's sensitive about having people touch her feet (as in I'm never ever going to be able to clip her nails). She won't let me anywhere near her feet now.

Is there anything I can give her (like maybe Rum), that would make her calm down enough so I can look at her feet? I really, really (really three more times) do not want another vet trip. I've already taken an extreme amount of time off of work, and given the vet a major part of a paycheck in the last week and a half, and Sparky's surgery hasn't even happened yet. So much for October being a three-paycheck month.


  1. When it rains it pours . . . and it seems it happens with animals like that, too. Darn.

    Could she have walked through some poison ivy or oak or sumac or whatever you have around there? Have you tried going online to see if you can find anything that might suggest what's going on or what you can do for her?

    'Course, if you can't work with her feet, that's going to make the situation pretty tricky. Sorry . . . for both of you.

  2. Maggie's the car-jacker, right?? Any chance it has anything to do with that?? Do you park by anything at work that could leave a film on your car that she has been licking off? We have to watch my FIL's dog that he doesn't go out in the shop, even though he's mostly in the shop. if he is out there, he comes in and licks his feet the rest of the day and that can't be real healthy stuff.
    Let's see- any extreme hots or colds that she has been exposed to?? Could you leash here and get her into a tub of something like even aveeno oatmeal bath or something??? My dog chases the mower and snowblower and then is lame for a couple of days, but goes right back to it. There is a dew claw issue with Ernie, too.