Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Worried About Sparky

It's been almost two weeks since his overnight joyride in the tree and he's still hurting. It's painful to watch him pull himself up into a chair. No jumping for him. Plus, he's not symmetrical anymore. When he walks, his right side sticks out more than his left side. He yowls when I pick him up, although there's no obvious place that's painful when I feel his belly. I have a feeling there's a vet trip in the near future for this little guy. I went to the vet earlier this week with the dogs, so it looks like I'll be missing yet more work next week.

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. In my quest to develop a social network I've been going out a lot (I had plans for three evenings this week, which is skirting the edge of too much for me). That's the way it works though. Try many things for a long while, and eventually something comfortable will settle into place. Saturday evening is the local Fire Department pizza night. I've been considering volunteering with them. That would be a good way to meet real local people, as in within a 10-mile radius. For now at least, there will be good pizza!

Edit: Chicken Mama "talked" me into making the vet appointment for this afternoon instead of next week. Hope the news is relatively good.


  1. We'd always been dog people, so we had to learn a few things when we got a cat (she found us). Point being, it takes a lot to get a cat sick (although this sounds more like an injury) and they are generally pretty far into it before they exhibit any signs or complain. So, if I were you, I'd make an appointment ASAP.

    Hope all will be well! :)

  2. Good point Chicken Mama - I made the vet appointment for this afternoon instead of next week.

  3. Good luck at the vet..we'll be waiting to here about Not-So-Sparky. I had one that was put to sleep after a too-far jump. No need to suffer. Sometimes they work these things out and sometimes they don't.
    And I'm penciling in a girls night IN! But it might be a while, but we might need it more then!

  4. He's such a sweet looking guy, I hope it's not too serious an injury. Poor kitty